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Top 6 Best 4 Seater Square Dining Table & Sets for 2021

You are looking for a 4 seater square dining table that will provide you with a spacious tabletop surface?

Listed below, you can find my reviews of the six best models that are currently up for sale. Check them out, compare their beneficial features, and choose the best one.

Top 6 Best 4 Seater Square Dining Table & Sets for 2021

1. Myself-Table & Chair Furniture Set

This dining table features a thickened tempered glass tabletop surface. It is highly resistant to scratches, high temperatures, and all kinds of exterior damages. The best thing is that it ensures a very high load-bearing capacity thanks to which it will easily hold the weight of all the dishware you place on top of it.

The legs of this 4 seater square dining table are made out of a high-quality metal material. It provides high resistance to rust, corrosion, embroidery, etc. Most importantly, just like its glass surface, it also has a high bearing capacity thanks to which it won’t deform under the weight.

Included with this breakfast nook dining set come four comfortable chairs. They have an ergonomic backrest to ensure that you can relax while sitting at the table. The great thing is that, because of their design, they easily fit underneath the tabletop’s surface.

You won’t have any trouble setting up this glass top dining table set 4 seater. Make sure that you follow the instruction manual that comes included with the set. The package also includes all accessories you might need to complete the setup.


  • thick tempered glass tabletop surface
  • resistant to scratches and high temperatures
  • comfortable chairs with ergonomic backrests
  • features a PU leather seat fabric seats
  • instructions and all accessories come included
  • features highly durable bottom metal legs
  • both table and chairs have a high bearing capacity

2. Counter Height Dining Set Table

Because of its counter-height design, you can use this dining table in versatile surroundings. It is a perfect fit for your kitchen, dining room, living area, etc. You can even use it as a bar table inside a smaller pub or a restaurant.

This high-top dining table set for 4 is another model that has an extremely durable construction. Its base is made out of a durable metal material while its tabletop surface and the seating area feature a beautiful Oak finish.

Included with this square dining set for 4 come four bar stools that match the table’s design perfectly. Thanks to this feature you will easily fit this set into the design of your home. It will even provide an additional rustic feel of a modern farmhouse.

The mentioned chairs also have additional footrests. This is what makes this 4 seater high-top table set such an amazing choice. It is specially designed to ensure that you can enjoy it for a long time and comfortably enjoy its design.


  • 40.25 x 18 x 19.5 inches design
  • a highly practical counter-height size
  • features a highly durable metal construction
  • tall bar stools with built-in footrests

3. Merax Kitchen Table Set

This farmhouse dining table is made out of high-quality MDF board, and acacia veneer. Thanks to the combination of these materials, it will provide you with exceptional sturdiness. Its rubberwood legs will provide the stability that the table requires.

Since its tabletop surface is extremely durable, this farmhouse table will be very easy to clean and maintain. You should never use cleaning detergents because they might damage the quality of the wood. Simply use a kitchen towel to remove the dust or residue.

The included plush chair seats are fully upholstered with thick cushions. That’s what makes them so much more comfortable to sit in. You’ll be able to relax and enjoy your time sitting at the dining table.

This square dining table set for 4 includes a 35” long, 35” wide, and 30.12” high dining table. Each chair is about 17” long, 20.7” wide, and 37.8” high. The chair’s seats are 17” long and about 15.6” wide. Most importantly, each chair can bear a load of up to 267 lbs.


  • 35” L x 35” W x 30.12” H dining table
  • 17” Lx20.7” Wx37.8” H chairs
  • plush chair seats with thick cushions
  • tightly woven burlap design
  • includes step-by-step instructions

4. Sophia & William Patio Dining Set

This dining set is made for use in the outdoors. It features a high-quality metal construction that is highly resistant to all kinds of weather damages. Its design is what provides it with the needed stability and proper load-bearing capacity.

Even though this 4 seat patio dining set is made out of industrial metal material, it still provides a very modern look. Thanks to this feature it will easily fit on your patio, balcony, in your back yard, etc.

Another user-friendly feature of this 4 seater square dining table is its built-in umbrella hole thanks to which you can add your parasol to it. It is placed precisely in the middle of the table to ensure that it provides enough shade for everyone around the table.

Included with this modern dining table come four swiveling chairs that can spin up to 360 degrees in any direction. Additionally, their backrests ensure you can relax at the table. The high-density cushion sponge makes the chairs much more comfortable to sit in for a long time.


  • an outdoor patio model
  • industrial metal material construction
  • a beautiful patterned modern design
  • comes with a built-in umbrella hole
  • 360-degree swiveling chairs with backrests
  • a comfortable high-density cushion sponge

5. Giantex Dining Table Set

This is another dining set that features a high-quality construction thanks to which both the table and the chairs will provide amazing weight-bearing capacity. The table can withstand up to 110 lbs while the chairs support the weight of up to 220 lbs.

You can use this square dining table set for 4 in versatile surroundings. It is the perfect choice for your dining room, kitchen, living area, etc. Because of its height, it will work perfectly as a bar table too.

Even though this dining set isn’t really small by construction, you can store the chairs that come included underneath its tabletop surface. This is what makes it the perfect choice if you are looking for a dining set for a small space.

Even though this model provides exceptional elegance, it also provides amazing durability. Both the table and the included chairs have metal frames that provide them with the required structure and durability. The bottom feet have footpads that prevent the chairs from scratching the surface of your floors.


  • high-quality construction with metal frame
  • the completely waterproof smooth tabletop surface
  • specially designed to fit versatile surroundings
  • a highly elegant design with exceptional durability
  • provides a space-saving chair storing system

6. Pellebant Patio Dining Set

This is another dining table set that comes with a tempered glass table. White the first one has a smooth surface, this model features a water ripple pattern. It provides it with a textured feel and it blurs out the table’s surface a bit.

Including with this outdoor dining table come 4 extremely durable seats that can support the weight of up to 260 lbs per chair. They also have breathable chair covers that ensure you can spend a long time sitting in the chairs.

The amazing thing about this square dining table set for 4 is that its chairs are completely foldable. This means that you can easily fold them up and store them out of the way when you need that additional space on your patio.

Just like the previous patio table I reviewed in this post, this one also comes with a built-in umbrella hole. Note that the umbrella (or the parasol) doesn’t come included in the package.


  • tempered glass tabletop surface
  • features a water ripple pattern
  • breathable and comfortable seats
  • ergonomic armrests for additional support
  • space-saving and foldable chairs
  • single chair weight capacity of 260lbs

Buying guide

All square dining sets for 4, I reviewed in this post, will provide exceptional quality and versatile beneficial features you can benefit from. Here are some things you should keep in mind when deciding which one you want to buy.

Size & Design

The first thing you need to think about is the size and the design of the model you are buying. Even though all the listed ones come in a square shape, you can easily find smaller, larger, or taller models.

Indoor Vs. Outdoor

When choosing the best model you can also decide whether you want an indoor or an outdoor dining table. Keep in mind that if you do choose an outdoor model you need to make sure that it is highly resistant to all kinds of weather damages.

Durable Construction

Whether you choose an indoor or an outdoor model, make sure that it has a durable construction. For instance, tables that have steel legs or coated aluminum ones are highly resistant to wear damages and provide much higher support to the table.

Comfortable Chairs

Dining tables are often the area where you sit your company and enjoy gatherings. That is why it is so important that you find a table set that includes comfortable, ergonomic chairs that will provide you with proper support.

Maintenance Level

Most of these square dining table sets for 4 require very little maintenance. Glass ones are very easy to clean with paper towels and glass cleaning detergents. If you choose a wooden model, go for ones that have a coated surface that repels water so you can easily clean it with a damp cloth.


The best square dining table set for 4 is the Myself-Table & Chair Furniture Set. It has a thickened tempered glass tabletop surface and it comes with four matching chairs that are very comfortable to sit in. Find out more about the beneficial features that the best solid wood dining table sets with 4 seaters have to offer and choose the perfect round 4 person dining table that fits your needs the best.

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